About The Local Gourmet Culinary Group

Owner & Executive Chef, Christy Greco

With over 26 years in the food service industry, owner Christy (Buso) Greco got her beginning in the food industry at the age of 15, working for a local butcher shop and deli that she would eventually call her own. She graduated from Babson College in 2004 with a degree in Entrepreneurial Studies and Marketing. While attending school she also had the pleasure of working for Bertucci’s Corporation. During her time with Bertucci’s she worked in several restaurant locations as a Certified Trainer and New Restaurant Opening Trainer. She also worked as an intern at their corporate office for 2 years where she was part of the Training & Recruiting Dept.

After graduating, Christy spent 2 years working for Idelle Management Company where she did Consumer Product Marketing as an Assistant Product Manager for their company. In 2006, Christy and her father John ended up acquiring The Watertown Meat Center, which was the location of her first job, after the business shut its doors earlier that year. She spent the next 9 years learning everything she could about food. She attended The Center for Culinary Arts at night to expand her cooking skills and help launch a catering division at The Meat Center. After owning and growing this store for almost a decade, Christy decided it was time to try something new. She sold the store to another local family and spent the next year and a half figuring out her next steps.

It was after that time that she realized that she truly loved and missed the food industry. She spent the next few months looking for spaces and researching new equipment and vendors. She also recruited a couple of former employees to come join her new team, including Ashley Bugnacki. Ashley previously worked for Christy as a supervisor at The Meat Center. With that being her first job at 16, she quickly found her passion for food. After high school her plan was to go through college and receive her degree in Art Education. Little did she know, she would find art through food and still get to educate others while creating new ideas for the store. She accepted a new role as General Manager of The Local Gourmet and has been in integral part of the development and growth of this company ever since. In May of 2018, The Local Gourmet (Southbury) opened its doors for business…and we have been cooking ever since!

“This store is a culmination of everything I have learned over my years in food service—all put under one roof. From my days as a register clerk, to working on the corporate side, to then owning my first business for 9 years. Every step has been a lesson that eventually led me here. I couldn’t be happier with what this store has become, and I look forward to serving everyone delicious food made with love for many years to come.” ~Christy

"Growing up I always told myself I would become a chef or an artist. I've always enjoyed creating with my hands. When I was finally able to get my first job, I knew it had to be in the food industry. When Christy hired me at 16, I knew she was going to play an important role in my future. 10 years later, she asked me to become her business partner and open LGC. I am beyond grateful that I get to do what I love every day. To the customers who have became friends, the coworkers that became family, I am truly blessed to be surrounded by such a loving community. Thank you all for letting us play such an important part in your day-to-day lives." ~Ashley  

Our Growth, The Local Gourmet Cafe (Middlebury) - 

On August 23, 2021, together, Christy and Ashley opened their second location in Middlebury, CT, called The Local Gourmet Café. LGC is a fast-casual restaurant that offers breakfast and lunch items including sandwiches, salads, breakfast sandwiches, bagels, toasts, smoothies, coffees and so much more! It also has a small grab & go case filled with breakfast and lunch goodies, like yogurt parfait cups, overnight oats, fruit salad, deli salads and so much more! LGC also offers call-ahead take-out orders for those that are on the run but we also have tons of seats if you would like to dine in with us and enjoy your goodies in our café.

Our Future...stay tuned!!

We have BIG plans for 2024 for both locations, so stay tuned! We are excited to share our new offerings soon. And as always, thanks for your support of our businesses